Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Back!

samsung galaxy note 7 relaunch (1)

Seven months after the battery nightmare, Samsung announces the return of the flagship Galaxy Note 7 to stores.

The South Korean company, as part of its recycling program, will recondition some of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 and market them in a number of markets. It will, however, use a battery of lower amperage – to avoid possible incidents such as those that forced its withdrawal from the market.

samsung galaxy note 7 relaunch (1)

This reconditioning process is just one of the recycling routes initiated by the company. The devices that are not suitable for reconditioning will be disassembled for reuse of components and recycling of materials.

The return of the Galaxy Note 7 will be subject to the approval of different regulatory agencies and their recommendations. The marketing dates will be announced during the coming weeks depending on each market.

I won’t be┬átouching Note 7 with a 10-feet pole. What about you?